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Date posted: August 1, 2016

Chrysler Pacifica minivan: King of the family vehicle hill

The minivan has never been this good.

Just as it did when it invented the minivan in 1984, Chrysler is attempting to revitalize its brand with the 2017 Pacifica, and a family vehicle market that has shunned minivans in favor of crossovers. The poor minivan is being subjected to the same fate it dumped on the station wagon in the ’80s.

Part of the reason Chrysler dropped the well-known Town and Country name was to shed the silly stigma of minivans as the sacrificial lamb of family over self. As if sliding doors look dumber than hoisting your toddlers in and out of their car seats 136 times a day.

Regardless, Chrysler deemed the Pacifica name more chill than no-chill, even for those who associate it with the forgettable Franken-crossover made from 2004 to 2008. The name change is meant not to confuse but to shift expectations.

From a partial side view, one person couldn’t tell if it was a minivan or crossover.

When in reverse, one witness asked if it was electric because it was so quiet.

From the back seat, the 10-year old said, “I like how everything fits.”

After driving nearly 1,000 mountainous miles in the Colorado Rockies, I had to agree.

The Pacifica handles like a crossover, looks more button-down yet still has two sliding doors, a built-in entertainment system, a high ceiling and a low floor, with a tall, wide rear that enables it to excel at what it was meant to do: haul people – and things – in comfort.

The difference is that the minivan has never been this good.

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