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Date posted: January 9, 2014

BMW i3 takes to the track, circles it in a way you don’t expect


So, who wants to see a BMW i3 race around a track. That’s what we thought. It’s not a long video, but it is entertaining, and the way the urban EV does a ‘loop’ at second 25 certainly caught out eye.

The i3 is scheduled to go on sale in the US later this year and will start at $41,350. The diminutive electric vehicle has a top speed of 93 miles per hour and can hit 62 mph in 7.2 seconds. We found it a hoot to drive, but we’re not sure if hardcore BMW performance fans will totally ‘get’ this car’s performance. The i3 is great at what it does, but it wasn’t born to hit the race track. After seeing this video, though, we want a crack at it, skinny wheels and all. You can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse here, where Chris Neff writes, “The i3 basically turns in on itself. This is one sharp turning radius, take a look at 24 seconds into the video. We were actually trying to get the i3 to do doughnuts, but the computer would not let the rear brake loose, still, you can see how it held and how sharp we were turning….about 27 times in a row.”

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